Stoney Creek: Cont.

As I mentioned before, I had shot some pans at Stoney Screek Earlier in the month. Bellow are a selection.

As always, click on the image to see the full interactive 360.

Battle Reenactment of Stoney Creek

Battle Reenactment of Stoney Creek

Grande Finale of the day saw an impressive fireworks Display.

Grande Finale of the day saw an impressive fireworks Display.

Tower shaped memorial at Stoney Creek.

Tower shaped memorial at Stoney Creek.

Cheers folks

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Battle of Stoney Creek Re-enactment

I recently attended the 29th reenactment of the battle of Stoney Creek from the War of 1812. This year marks the bicentennial anniversary of this battle, which was a turning point for the defending British.

Since 1985, the re-enactment has been held on the very same grounds where the original battle took place, where 23 British men died in battle.



The weekend event is definitely worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood. The 2 day long festival is a perfect family event. It is filled with traditional craftsmen, tradesmen, sellers of all sorts of goods, military camps of all sides as well as children friendly magicians and “war wounds” face paint.This was my first time attending a reenactment. I had always seen footage of such events taking place in America, but never realized how close to home some of these events take place. The summer is filled with all sorts of War of 1812 reenactments, battles and encampments.

_DSC2783 _DSC2786 _DSC2861 _DSC3494 _DSC3893 _DSC3916 _DSC3942 _DSC4228_DSC4245_DSC4262_DSC4272


Here’s where you can find more information about em:

Hamilton/Stoney Creek Website

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Henry’s Exposure digital Imaging Expo – 2014

This past weekend saw Henry’s Annual Exposure Digital imaging Trade Show. Featuring some of th industries biggest and newest companies showcasing their latest or greatest tech and gear. 

This year’s show’s showstopper was Colonel Chris Hadfield’s Keynote speech, where he outlined some o this 25+ year experience as an astronaut and commander of the ISS. It was a power and moving talk, going from his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut to  detailing the work that went into tweeting his daily pics from space. He will be coming out with a new book later this year with some of his greatest and favourite images taken from space. (click here or on the photo to see the full tour and hear some of his word)

_DSC1370 Panorama_tour


This year’s show also included the annual Wescott photo Challenge, where attendees are provided with talent and lighting and are tasked to take the show’s best photo. Details are sparse as to the what the winning photographer receives, but their work may be featured in adds or other marketing material. Below you can find my interpretation of the challenge, as well as the interactive panorama (click on the image or here to see the full piece)
_DSC1396 Panorama_tour


The show also gave me a chance to play with a new lens, the Sigma 8mm fisheye. It’s a circular fisheye lens, so it provide you with IMENSE amount of barrel distortion. with 180 degree FOV and immense Depth of field, it’s a fun lens to play with, but a great piece of arsenal that I have added to my pano kit.

Black Swan_DSC1337



Thanks for reading



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Spent the day exploring the city’s skate parks; Here’s a sneak peak.

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In Memory of Sammy Yatim


A few weeks ago, I attended a rally in memory of Sammy Yatim: 18 year old boy who was shot dead by Toronto Police for threatening passengers on a street car. This is what i found.

001 Panorama.preview

Click on this image to see the full panoramic

_DSC7578 _DSC8091






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Dundas Square

Magic Man Performing

Magic Man Performing

I’ve recently begun exploring the downtown core of Toronto; more specifically, Dundas Square.  Filled with all sorts of creatures and characters, it’s always an interesting place to hang out with an hour to kill

Since moving to Toronto, it’s been one of those places that always caught my eye, but I had never spent enough time to explore it thoroughly.

This year, marks Y-D square’s 10th anniversary and it seems that the owners have quite the plans for it: free movies, buskers, concerts, SXNE, protests etc… it’s always a hive of activity. Both local and foreign guests flock to the area for free entrainment or a shady place to sit and enjoy the chaos.

Recently, I’ve begun to notice a pattern in activity: the rotation of street performers happens around the same time; religious preachers always take up the south-west corner of the intersection; protest rallies always begin from the square and move out. This place is a rallying point for all, and all are welcome.



Last Friday, after a quick shift at work, i decided to check out the space, and found myself in a frenzy of activity: all day buskers performed in the square one after the other. These images are what i saw, the people I met, and the space I plan to call home several more times before winter hits. I can’t wait to spend another afternoon getting to know the people that spend their day chasing a dream, on Yonge and Dundas Square.


You can find more images from my day at Y&D here. As well as a panoramic here and here




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The Weekend

So it’s been a bout a year since I’ve moved to Toronto, and not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about this city I call home. As Canada’s biggest city, we have some of the most diverse ethnic culture and festivals around; every weekend is jam packed with all sorts of concerts, festivals, community events and picnics. This weekend did not disappoint.

I took advantage of this last weekend of spring to go for a bike ride, through the west end to explore all that was happening: we had a taste of little Italy, NXNE, Live in Bellwood’s as well as the usual crazies keeping us entertained.

First stop, was little Italy. While it’s no comparison to other italian districts from a round the world, it is definitely unique. A mix of Italian, Portuguese and South Asian cultures, there was a family friendly street party all weekend. If  you were close by, you could not miss the noise of bouncy castles, street performers, street meat and BBQ stations as far as the eye could see.

Next was Bellwoods Park. A huge public playground for everyone to do, well, anything really. There was a community yard sale, baseball tournament, a wedding reception, and plenty of free live music; perfect for a picnic and a cold one. I could have stayed here all day, but I just had to see what else the city had to offer.

Our final stop was North By North East (NXNE): a week long music, documentary and art series throughout the city, with a huge party at Dundas Square. Live music including Ludacris, Billy Talent, Millencolin, and the Flatliners. This was an incredible place to be: filled to the brim with people of shades and colors, mixing together for a free show.

It was my first time seeing Billy Talent play live, and it was an amazing experience to see them perform in front of a home town crowd. Yong street was shut from King St. to Gerard so we had the place to ourselves, and boy did people take advantage of it. Of course, it would’t be Dundas Square Without your local superhero impersonators. I caught this one Running late to his gig on the corner; not sure what would happen if he ran into his arch nemesis, but maybe one day i’l find out.

All in all in was a great weekend to be in the city. I’ve never lived outside of the suburban dream homes of Orleans, Ottawa, so this is my first time in an urban environment; it’s quite an interesting experience. I’d strongly recommend spending a bit of time living in a big city, regardless where you come from or are comfortable. You can’t experience city life by coming in for a weekend, especially notin Toronto, you’l miss to much. All the tourism is downtown, in the concrete jungle: Eaton Centre, the CN Tower, The ROM are all surrounded by tall concrete temples to the all mighty dollar. But, if you step aside, you realize that this city is filled with greenery: parks, trees, grass everywhere. It’s a beautiful place to visit, and an even more beautiful place to live.

thanks for Reading

Until next time


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I’m back!

So…. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update… I don’t even know how long it has been since my last post, and I’m to embarrassed to see when it was so i’ll just pretend like it was last week.

So, back to normal stuff. I’ve been busy. Work’s been picking up, and as always it’s been a lot of fun. Got to spend the night in a shopping mall last week. We were photographing a store from 9pm-5am. Unfortunately we were on a tight schedule so we didn’t get to explore the space to much, but I don’t regret it… didn’t seem that exciting of a mall…

Anglican Church of St. Stephen in the Field, Toronto.

Anglican Church of St. Stephen in the Field, Toronto.

lately, I’ve been working on a few mini-series. Starting with panoramic images and tours of the older religious sites in Toronto. As Canada’s biggest and possibly most diverse city, there is no shortage of religion and spirituality in this city. No matter what your age, beliefs, race or ethnicity, you will find the place for you.

St. Basil's Roman Catholic Church, Toronto

St. Basil’s Roman Catholic Church, Toronto

Lately, Ive been given a free pass to many of Toronto’s older churches, and I feel very fortunate for that. Many of these places of worship are over 100 years old. I know that most of you around the world, 100 years isn’t that long, but considering the fact that less than 150 years ago, Canada did not exist: we were still part of the British Empire. in 1867 we finally gained our independence, and some of these churches have been around since before then. amazing to see them stand up to the test of time.

Anglican Church of St. Paul, Bloor St. E Toronto

Anglican Church of St. Paul, Bloor St. E Toronto

Click on any of the images to see the full panorama. There will be many more to come, so stay posted. If you happen to live in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal region and would like to see a panoramic or virtual tour of your place of worship, let me know, you can find my contact information here.

Happy Viewing and thanks for visiting.


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Debre Damo Virtual Tour

So today marks a big day for me: my panoramas are officially part of my site. It’s been a long time in the making, I’ve been toying and learning the art of panoramic imagery for over a year now.

I started toying with it in my second year of College, never did I imagine that it would have ended up where I am now. I’ve gone from test shots in hockey rinks to work for the grey cup to creating tours in Ethiopia and Uganda. CRAZY!

Debre Damo Monastery Panorama

Debre Damo Ethiopian Orthodox Monastery

My latest Trip to East Africa was heavily centred around this work. I spent many hours planning and shooting these images. My current pride and joy is the tour of Debre Damo Monastery, located in Tigray, northern Ethiopia.

This monastery is completely isolated and sits atop a flat mountain top, accessible only by climbing up the rock face of the mountain side while being simultaneously being pulled up by a leather rope. It was quite the experience.

Climbing up to Debre Damo: It ain't easy

Climbing up

None of this work would have been possible without the patience of my girlfriend, who stood by patiently during my shooting sprees. Areas like Debre Damo are restricted to males only (that includes animals too, no female live stock allowed) and women are forced to wait at the bottom of the mountain.

Anyways, thanks to Neena, and our other travel companions who got us involved in this two day road trip to Tigray. Unfortunately this concludes my panoramic imagery from Ethiopia. I do have, however, a full body of work from Uganda still to come: Kampala, Sipi Falls and Bukasa Island virtual tours are in the works so keep a careful eye out for new material.

All of the panoramas have html5 support, and will work on your iDevices. Only difference will come with audio: iStuff won’t allow audio to automatically play when opened, so hit the play/pause button on the bottom of your screen to listen.



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B-Sides – those that didn’t make the cut

Down the road

Not everything that I shoot makes the cut, and not every great image makes the cut either. Sometimes it’s a combination of colour, composition, subject matter and a good back story. If an image is missing one of the four, it’s often fairly obvious. After 32 amazing days in East Africa, I came home with a TB drive full of images made up panoramas, time lapses, videos, a few typical touristy snapshots, and a whole pile of over/under exposed out of focus eyes closed junk(I had shot over 10,000 images in those 32 days). Let’s not kid ourselves, everyone takes bad photos, even the best in the world build up a pile of junk in between their award wining images. Some are complete junk, others just didn’t quite make the cut. This is dedicated to those that didn’t make the cut.

Here  ( is a link to some of these shots. There’s something about these images that I just can’t explain, but take me to a different place. unfortunately, I’m not sure everyone will share this passion for them as I do, but just incase, I open them up to the world.

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